IOTA ASTEROIDAL OCCULTATION REPORT FORM Asteroid (or other object):___________________ Star:_______________________ Date (U.T.):__________________________ Predicted Time (U.T.):______________ Observer Name:_____________________________ Telephone:_____________________ Postal Address:_____________________________________________________________ E-mail Address:_________________________________ Fax:______________________ TELESCOPE: Aperture:_______ Focal length:______ Type:____________________ Eyepiece Power:________ Observing site name: __________________________ Longitude:________________________ Latitude:___________________________ Height above sealevel:_______ How determined?:_________________________ Sky Transparency (Circle one, or delete two): Good Fair Poor Star Image Stability ("seeing"; as above): Good Fair Poor Other Conditions: (Wind, Clouds, Lights, etc.):____________________________ EVENT TIMINGS: (All times in Universal Time) Time Source:_____________ Recording method:________________________________ Was the Asteroid Visible in your Scope? ______ Approx. Limiting Mag.:______ Universal Time Estimated Accuracy, Remarks h m s Reaction Time, Started Observing: ___:___:___.___ (sec.) ____________________ Star and Object Merged: ___:___:___.___ ____________________ Disappearance: ___:___:___.___ __.___ ____________________ Estimated Closest Approach: ___:___:___.___ ____________________ (if no D/R) Reappearance: ___:___:___.___ __.___ ____________________ Star and Object Separated: ___:___:___.___ ____________________ Stopped Observing: ___:___:___.___ ____________________ Was your reaction time applied to the above timings? _________ If you could tell, did the object pass NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, or WEST of the star (cicle one, or delete three)? If possible, estimate the distance of closest approach in arc seconds: _______ List all Interruptions in Observing: Reason From ___:___:___ to ___:___:___ __________________________________ From ___:___:___ to ___:___:___ __________________________________ Additional comments: _______________________________________________________ Send Jan Manek Fax: sorry - no fax numbers report to: Stefanik Observatory E-mail: Petrin 205 If an occultation is timed, copy to: 118 46 Praha 1 Czech Republic